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Dynamic Tangential Filtration

Dynamic Tangential Filtration®

The disks in continuous rotation and the flow, crossing the filtration surface tangentially instead of orthogonally, are the main features of the Ultrascreen® technology.

Basically, the wastewater crosses the rotating filtration surface tangentially instead of orthogonally, as it does in the other filters. This guarantees great advantages. The angle of incidence between the influent and the filtering media, combined with the continuous disks rotation, allows to separate the micro particles contained in the wastewater.

Triples the advantage, increases the performances

Triple water flow

Triple water flow

The Dynamic Tangential Filtration® technology allows to treat specific flow rates three times higher than other filtration systems on the market.

Better water transmittance

Better water transmittance

The Dynamic Tangential Filtration® improves the water transmittance, a fundamental factor for the efficiency of the UV-C rays disinfection processes.

Reduced footprint

Reduced footprint

The higher treated flow allows to use smaller machines compared to our competitors.

Generation 3

Two versions for all types of installations
and plant configurations

With stainless steel frame

Specifically designed for the "above-ground" installation, allows extreme footprint optimization and perfect accessibility to all components, ensuring maximum ease of maintenance.

For concrete tank installation

The Ultrascreen® technology and the Dynamic Tangential Filtration® for the installation in concrete tank. Perfect for projects where the installation of the unit below the ground level is more suitable, as well as for the retrofitting of outdated existing filtering sections.


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